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Aloe Ferox Juice (concentrated tonic)



15ml up to 4 times per day mixed with water, fruit juice or ice tea. Refrigerate once opened.


If you are prone to gastrointestinal sensitivity or irregular blood sugar levels it’s advisable to seek the advice of a medical professional before introducing Aloe juice to your diet.


Aloe Ferox Juice (Concentrate) 500ml

Experience the regenerating benefits and refreshing taste of Natraloe Aloe Juice. The key ingredient in this nutritious drink is Aloe Ferox Juice, which is extracted from Aloes that grow in wild abundance in the Eastern Cape and is celebrated for its powerful antioxidants, wholesome goodness and restorative properties. Natraloe Aloe Juice is an excellent source of soluble dietary fibre and essential roughage required for optimal health.

This revitalising juice is 100% concentrate and provides a variety of naturally good benefits:

•Contains Aloe gel, which gently soothes the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract and provides relief for acid indigestion, heartburn, digestive and stomach discomfort, as well as colon irritability.
•Aloe Ferox Juice is a renowned energy and immune booster that is packed with essential metabolic minerals including calcium, potassium and magnesium and is low in sodium.
•Infused with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
•It’s also highly beneficial in preventing cancer cells from increasing and provides protection against the harmful effects of radiation treatment.
•The soluble fibre in this juice will assist in reducing blood cholesterol and glucose levels.
•Free of chemicals and naturally preserved with potassium sorbate and citric acid.
•Contains a myriad of beneficial trace elements, including titanium, boron, iron, copper, zinc, silicon and selenium.




Pure Aloe Ferox leaf extract, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.


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