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Essencia Sweet Caress Perfume Spray



Natural Perfumery is the creation of natural aromatic raw materials to produce perfumes. Citrus, spices, woods, and floral oils are used to create a beautiful formula that is then diluted in either natural oils or grain alcohol. These natural perfumes impart deep and complex fragrance notes with soft and subtle nuances that evolve over time, together with your individual body chemistry. A natural perfume will fade gradually into your body gently and imperceptibly. Each fragrance is created with passion …… indulge yourself in this creative experience.

Each perfume is exclusively yours


Scent family:   Bouquet

Era             :   Traditional

Featured Notes:   A subtle, sweet  fragrance tinged with a hint of allure, opens with seductive top notes of palmarosa and orange blossoms. The heart contains soft notes of jasmine and rose maroc, rounded off by rosewood and ylang ylang.

Blended in 100% natural grain alcohol

Scent Family

Scent family: Bouquet
Era : Traditional


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