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Essencia Sweet Caress Perfume

(7 customer reviews)


10ml Body Oil

Scent family Bouquet
Era Traditional

Welcome to a sensual aromatic experience of all natural perfumes, crafted with passion and integrity. Essencia creates beautiful, sensual and inspiring fragrances free from alcohol, chemical compounds and harmful ingredients.Featured Notes:


Main ingredients

A subtle, sweet fragrance tinged with a hint of allure, opens with seductive top notes of palmarosa and orange blossoms. The heart contains soft notes of jasmine and rose maroc, rounded off by rosewood and ylang ylang.

7 reviews for Essencia Sweet Caress Perfume

  1. Fee

    Lovely subtle perfume in a convenient travel container

  2. Brenda

    The smell does not last long on me (hour tops) but I like the idea

  3. Imke

    Love the idea, but this perfume is far too sweet for me!

  4. Susan

    I was impressed by the perfume’s long-lasting – I used it in the evening and could still smell it on my wrists this morning – but the smell is not for me. I can distinguish cocoa, thyme and even a type of fynbos smell, but have expected a flower smell. However, perfume is so subjective and your skin’s reaction with the natural perfume plays a major role, so I suspect this perfume might work entirely for other women (or even men – that’s pretty unisex).

  5. Lindi

    I absolutely love the smell, but unfortunately it does not last long on me at all. Ill try the other scents next time

  6. Nici

    This stuff smells great! My family can stop sniffing me 😛 Its very floral and a bit strong so you can use very little – making it last even longer!

  7. Tessa

    Has a very strong scent, so you only need to use a tiny amount.

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