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Essencia Citronella Essential Oil


  • Botanical (and family):
    Eucalyptus Smithii. Family Myrtaceae
  • Distribution:
    Native to Australia. Now grown extensively in Southern and Central Africa.
  • Description of plant:
    Tall evergreen tree with light bark up to 60 metres high. Leaves are long, narrowish and are blue-green to grey.
  • Extraction:
    Steam distillation of the fresh or partially dried leaves.
  • Charactersitics:
    A colourless to pale yellow mobile liquid with a penetrating camphoraceous odour and a woody-sweet undertone.

Citronella essential oil has a variety of medical uses that range from it acting as a mild antidepressant to being antibacterial and antiseptic.

While leaving the user feeling emotionally uplifted, citronella oil can also kill bacteria and prevent any further growth of bacteria in the body. These antibacterial and antiseptic effects are most effective in the treatment of infected wounds, the bladder, urinary tract, intestines and kidneys.

This essential oil is also antifungal and kills and inhibits fungal growth. It is especially effective against funguses found in the ear, throat and nose.

This essential oil is also an effective anti-inflammatory agent and helps relieve spasms of muscles and respiratory system. These properties makes citronella oil perfect for the treatment of menstrual cramps as well as coughs.

The property citronella essential oil is most famous for is the repelling and killing of insects. It can be used to repel and/or kill mosquitos, lice and fleas


Rich, fresh, sweet, lemony


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