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Essencia Lemon Essential Oil


  • Botanical (and family):
    Citrus limon.. Family Rutaceae.
  • Distribution:
    Native to India
  • Description of plant:
    A small thorny, evergreen tree with serrated oval leaves and fragrant flowers.
  • Extraction:
    Cold expression of the outer part of the fresh peel.
  • Charactersitics:
    A pale yellow to green mobile liquid with a light citrus scent.
  • Properties and indications:
    Refreshing, helping to produce clarity of thought.
    Superb tonic to the circulatory system, aiding flow and easing pressure on varicose veins. An effective heart tonic, often used in bringing down blood pressure. Restores vitality to red blood corpuscles, and stimulates white corpuscles. Stems external bleeding generally. Good for nosebleeds. Antiseptic nature relieves sore throats, coughs, colds and influenza. Makes the stomach more alkaline, improving the functioning of the digestive system. Could help with pancreatic secretions and may assist in treating diabetes. Has a decongestant action on the kidneys and liver. Could be helpful with constipation and cellulite. Said to relieve headaches and migraines as well as rheumatism and arthritis. Will soothe insect bites and stings.
    Brightens dull complexions by removing dead skin cells. Smoothes broken capillaries. Has an effective cleansing action on greasy skin and hair. A popular remedy for removing corns, warts and verrucas. Has a softening effect on scar tissue and guards against brittle nails.
  • Other uses:
    Flavouring agent in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and soft drinks. Used widely in fine perfumery


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