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Essencia Sweet Caress Body Oil

(8 customer reviews)


10ml Body Oil

Featured Notes:

A subtle, sweet fragrance tinged with a hint of allure, opens with seductive top notes of palmarosa and orange blossoms. The heart contains soft notes of jasmine and rose maroc, rounded off by rosewood and ylang ylang.

Scent Family

Scent family Bouquet
Era Traditional

8 reviews for Essencia Sweet Caress Body Oil

  1. Carissa

    Love the smell. A little goes a long way. Will definitely order again.

  2. Liesl

    Sweet yet subtle and lingers all day. I have grown to love this fragrance!

  3. Zani

    Great smell, must get used to it though. Either you are going to love the smell or hate it. Lasts me a whole day.

  4. Julieta

    It’s great enough to not mess with my sinuses and lasts when you apply it to your clothes and not your skin. Keeps me smelling like myself but with a lil nudge of something else. I love it.

  5. Elaine

    Thank you for an amazing oil, love the smell and freshness. I so appreciate a natural perfume.
    When I received the product it was leaking, I recommend that the product can be put in a little bag and then in a box with the products ingredient list with it. I received an e-mail that informs the client of the ingredients, but giving something like this as a gift I think putting the ingredients list with the product is more efficient.
    Thanks you for creating a platform where the client is able to give feedback. I love Faithful to Nature. Thanks again

  6. EC

    Love this sweet smell. If you love fresh, sweet smells then this is worth a try.

  7. Santie

    I received one of these little perfume rollers as a gift recently and decided to do a review, as I found it extremely difficult to decide on a smell without meaningful reviews when I tried to buy my first one.
    The Sweet Caress scent is lovely, very citrus-y and sweet and like all the other Essencia perfumes, the scent lingers all day. Like the other perfumes in this line, the scent is very odd if smelled directly from the bottle, but once you have it on your skin, it starts to change and the more subtle notes start coming through and blend together beautifully.
    This particular scent works very well with my skin, but has a more mature woody scent on my mother. I love the roller-ball packaging, as none of mine (I have 3 now) have leaked at all and they are super easy to apply, with no losses due to mist floating all over.

  8. Jacqueline

    When I opened this bottle for the very first time the fragrance was so extremely overpowering that I could not imagine me wearing this fragrance, ever, but I tested it anyway. About 10 minutes later the fragrance was much more subtle and both my husband and one of my sons kept remarking that I smelled like that little pink sweets which they love so much. (Musk scented pink cachous – Angel Kisses). Overall not a bad fragrance – a soft sweet musky fragrance. It is worth waiting that 10 minutes for the real fragrance to come through. I would buy it again. I would also suggest keeping the bottle in your handbag as the fragrance fades around two hours or so. (Oh and on a visit to my mom she kept telling me that I smelled of sweeties – she didn specify what sweeties – but she did say she liked the perfume.)

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