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Essencia Lavendar Essential Oil


  • Common name:
    True Lavender, Common Lavender
  • Botanical (and family):
    Lavandula angustifolia/officinalis. Family Labiatae
  • Distribution:
    Indigenous to the Mediterranean, but widely cultivated throughout Europe, and Tasmania.
  • Description of plant:
    A pale grey-green evergreen shrub, to 1 metre, with narrow, linear leaves and violet-blue flowers on blunt spikes.
  • Extraction:
    Steam distillation of the fresh flowering tops.
  • Charactersitics:
    Colourless to pale yellow mobile liquid of sweet, floral-herbaceous refreshing odour with a pleasant, balsamic-woody undertone.
  • Properties and indications:
    It is suggested that it stabilizes the physical, etheric and astral bodies, which indicates a positive effect on psychological disorder. Appears to cleanse and soothe the spirit, relieving anger and exhaustion. Balancing action on the central nervous system may be valuable in manic-depressive states.
    Sedative action on heart could decrease blood pressure. Gives effective relief for insomnia. Pain relieving qualities would be good for sprains, strains and sharp rheumatic pains. Blends with Marjoram to enhance this. Beneficial to the respiratory system, dealing with infections. It is a good general immuno-booster. May be helpful in childbirth and speeding delivery. Said to clear the spleen and the liver. Increases gastric secretion and could be of use in nausea, vomiting, colic and flatulence.
    Stimulates bile production.
    Promotes growth of new cells and balances sebum. Has a pronounced healing effect on burns and sunburn and helps acne, eczema and psoriasis. Said to heal abscesses, boils and carbuncles as well as minimise fungal growths, swellings, scarrings and gangrenous wounds. An effective hair tonic.
  • Other uses:
    Pharmaceutical antiseptic ointments, soaps, lotions, detergents, cosmetics, perfumes, toilet water and colognes.

Fragrance effects:
Stabilising and refreshing.


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