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Natraloe Baby Bum Balm

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Baby Bum Balm 125 grams

Just pure vegan ingredients to moisturize and protect sensitive, delicate skin, for babies of all ages – top to bottom, cheek to cheek.

Apply to nappy area at each nappy change. A must in every baby bag and an excellent choice with cloth diapers. Beeswax provides an excellent waterproof barrier on the skin, helping to keep moisture away, while Olive oil provides natural healing properties for rashes. Certified Organic Aloe Ferox gel heals skin 8 times faster than mother nature and is an absolute gem in any skincare product.


Ingredients: Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil,Helianthus Anuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Castor (Ricinus Communis) Seed Oil, Aloe Ferox Leaf extract, Beeswax, Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil.

21 reviews for Natraloe Baby Bum Balm

  1. Stella

    Absolutely love this product for sensitive baby bottoms. Lovely texture, doesn’t clog up cloth nappies because you don’t need to use much of it. Best value for money of all the “natural” bum balms. I rated 4 instead of 5 stars because I wish it came in sustainable packaging.

  2. Natalie

    Very good bum balm and more affordable that the other similar brands on FTN

  3. Lara

    Due to the humidity of summer, my baby broke out in a nappy rash that I was struggling to get rid of. I bought this bum balm because I needed something natural I could use with cloth nappies. The rash cleared up really quickly and the balm has continued to keep it away. I would highly recommend this product.

  4. Marissa

    The only bum balm I will ever use again! Affordable, smells good, feels good and not only prevents nappy rash but clears it up as well. I only wish it came in a larger tub (friendlier on the environment). One tub lasts me 20-30 days.

  5. Lesley

    This is my go-to product for my son…it’s awesome and we’ve never had a problem!

  6. Nicole

    While the baby bum balm is cost effective compared to other brands, it does not provide enough protection. After using this product for a week, my babys skin actually broke up and was badly inflamed. Store bought baby cream sorted this problem out in a day. Will have to keep looking for an effective natural baby bum balm that works.

  7. Maria

    I’m so impressed with this bum balm! I got this on promotion, and am now ordering more. I’ve used a lot of the natural balms on the market, but this is my favorite. It’s cost effective, spreads very well, provides a good barrier and smells lovely.

  8. Elijah

    So reasonably priced and provides a good protective barrier, so its definitely worthwhile.

  9. Fay

    Have used this product on my newborn for the past month and love it. Babies bum is well protected. Smells so good, even the nurses at the hospital asked where they could purchase it.

  10. Danielle

    Fantastic cream. Smells great. Spreads easily and goes far. Baby is almost 4 months and has not had one nappy rash, so far.

  11. Jackie

    Love this bum cream on my second tub and best sofar. Smells great and very affordable and keeps well

  12. D

    I’m so happy I tried this bum balm. My baby’s nappy rash went away in a day. No need to use a lot, so great value for money too 🙂

  13. Rene

    Easy to rub on, even in cold weather- great for cloth diapers

  14. Des

    Great as a barrier balm.under arms thighs. The delicate skin area

  15. Jennifer

    By far the best bum balm I’ve found. It’s cloth-nappy safe, and keeps my baby’s bum soft and protected. No rashes since using this product – and it’s cheaper than similar products. A little goes a long way. Great value for money!

  16. L

    Great consistency without getting too hard in winter nor too runny in summer! Will continue purchasing!

  17. Mary

    … and it is the cheapest option as well!

  18. SM06

    My baby started to get slight nappy rash, used this product on his bottom & the nappy rash was healed in 1 week, smells lovely, melts easily & glides onto babys bum

  19. Tania

    I used it for chafing and was very happy with it.

  20. Anonymous

    A good bum cream. Not just for babies. I use it on my lips. Keep it in my hand bag

  21. Shaazia

    Received a sample of this and loved it..Its definitely cost effective and doesn’t irritate my baby’s sensitive bottom

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